We are a team of innovators, redefining and rethinking financial services in Africa

Anchor is a YC-backed banking-as-a-service and embedded platform for African businesses.

We offer simple, well documented API, dashboard and tools that make it easy to build, embedded and launch financial products. Products like bank accounts, wallets, fund transfers, card, savings, investments & credit products.

With Anchor, a developer can build unique products like a digital bank for women or a savings account for farmers; a retailer can offer its own-branded loyalty cards; an HR software

Expanding access to financial choices for Africans

Anchor is building the platform to power the next generation of financial services. Millions of Africans remain unbanked and under-banked, Anchor is building the infastructure that will enable banking access for this new generation of Africans.


Segun Adeyemi

Segun is the CEO & Co-founder of Anchor, the BaaS and embedded finance platform for Africa. He is an entrepreneur with years of experience in the African fintech space. He previously co-founded Amplifypay, a payment company that he sold in 2019 and helped JUMO expand into Nigeria.

Olamide Sobowale

Olamide is the CTO & Co-founder of Anchor. He is a first class computer engineering graduate. Ex-Google engineer with fintech experience at the biggest African fintechs like Kuda, TeamApt, Carbon and Appzone.

Gbeke Olufotebi

Gbeke is the Head of Platforms & Infra & Co-founder of Anchor. He is a senior software engineer with experience building enterprise solutions across industries. He has built financial operations systems and led global tech teams at leading companies like booking.com & hotels.ng

Expanding access to financial services for Africans

Anchor is on a mission to enable any organization in Africa to offer simple and contextual financial products to their customers